Lead with the confidence you grew accustomed to as a technical expert!

Before working with me: You’re not sure of yourself, you feel overwhelmed by your new responsibilities. Maybe you’re even thinking about going back to being an individual contributor.

After working with me: You are a self-aware, confident, and influential leader. You lead with integrity, empathy, and gratitude. You’re an expert delegator and an authentic communicator.

“I’m just no longer sure of myself, I feel overwhelmed by my new responsibilities.” I often hear these words from my clients—some of the best technical experts in their fields.

You see, most newly minted engineering managers think… “the years I spent honing my technical skills will give me authority and influence in my new role.” But the truth is… leaders are not admired for their technical skills—what got you here won’t get you there!

Most new technical leaders think… that if they read the right book, or take the right course they’ll finally feel confident in their leadership abilities. The truth is… it’s not about acquiring more knowledge, it’s about letting go of your old habits and expectations.

Most new managers think... that confidence means no longer having fear. The truth is... confident leaders walk towards their fear.

Here’s the good news—with your leadership potential, you are only scratching the surface of the impact you could have! I promise, if you take the lessons and put in the work, you can and will become an extraordinary leader faster than you actually believed possible.⁠

What People Are Saying

George has been instrumental in helping me find my voice as an executive. I’d recommend him to anyone who feels they need a trusted advisor to help them navigate a leadership role. — Aaron S.
What surprised me the most: how much more I was able to accomplish with George's guidance, and how I started applying what I learned to other areas of my life! — Vickie T., LCSW
George is good at observing people and assessing what they may need to move forward without telling them directly what to do. — Jamie D.
George is my go-to person every time I get stuck! — Fred C.
One of George's greatest skills is his ability to listen to the true issues behind what is said. — Daniel G.

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